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This tag is for questions related to teaching all aspects of computer security. It may also be used for questions on teaching the risks involving computer systems.

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Coding exercises that test memory safety

I am looking for a coding exercise that could be assigned to students and will give them practice with writing memory-safe code. In particular, I am looking for some exercise that students would have ...
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Textbooks for Learning website security as a web developer?

I've realized the value of computer science textbooks. As a web developer, I want to learn about security from an application's perspective. Something like how to prevent site from XSS, CSRF, SQL ...
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Which OS is best if I want to play around with exploits?

I am reading the book: Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, and the author has provided examples of buffer overflow attacks and nop-sled exploits. I somehow can’t run these examples on my MacOS/Linux as ...
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System Security related study material suggestions

I see a lot of hype regarding cyber/network security. And also find an unending list of books and courses for the same. As I have been working on system software projects for the last couple of months,...
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Is Cyber-Security E-safety or not

I am a Faculty Teacher of Computer Science and am in my NQT year. I have been asked to re-apply for my job, to become a permanent teacher at the school, and have my interview next Tuesday. The school ...
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Popular demonstration of cryptographic tools

I'm looking for an activity for highschoolers/college-freshmen that will demonstrate crypto topics (e.g., encryption, signatures, zero-knowledge), and will be fun and motivating. It is supposed ...
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Teaching information security to students without basic IT knowledge

Context I've been mandated by the university of Tokyo to teach Information security courses during my working hours (initiation level). We are 3 teachers, 2 security researchers employed by the ...
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Curricular Support for a CyberPatriot Club

I currently coach our school's CyberPatriot team. (You can find information on the CyberPatriot competition here.) We are heading into our second year of competing. Last year we did pretty well for ...
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What is a good way to explain computer viruses?

As part of my class, pupils have to learn what a virus is. I am looking for a better way to explain viruses or a better metaphor than the biological virus. The problem with a biological virus as a ...
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What should be in a CyberSecurity Course in secondary school?

When someone says we should teach "cyber security" what does that mean to you? Is it computer science or system management or some mix of the two? What would you include in a course on cyber security ...
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Classroom use of a limited port scan in the wild?

Under what circumstances is it ethical for teachers to teach the existence of a tool such as MXtoolbox? Under what circumstances is it legal and ethical to use a superficial scan with protocol-...
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How do I teach ethics in hacking?

I teach a course on hacking every other year. It's a very difficult class, and it only attracts kids who are really enthusiastic about delving deep into the bowels of ...
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While giving an introduction to the Internet, should I talk about the risks? [closed]

Privacy is a very big issue in the present world. People unknowingly share personal information and pictures on social media and have to face many issues. Nowadays even 14 to 15-year-old people have ...
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How to raise students' security awareness in programming?

My first website with a login form had the password hardcoded in the JavaScript code, and if the entered password matched it would redirect to a private URL that was just not linked anywhere, but ...
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