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For questions about teaching using formal, academic papers or teaching the writing of technical papers. Questions in this vein may be more appropriate on Academia.

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Growth of Early CS Students

At SigCSE this year a session participant said, roughly, "research shows that there is no correlation between 'early skill' is CS and a student's ultimate success in the field." ...
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Feedback request: an assignment on programming a research paper

I am teaching an elective course on algorithms for 3rd year undergraduates. There are 12 weekly assignments, each of which is worth 1% of the grade, and a final exam which is worth 88%. I would like ...
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How can I find someone online to mentor me on my first research paper?

I am an undergraduate student, and I have an idea which I want to explore and write a research paper on. But I am totally new to this. I don't have good CS community at my place. So I can only look ...
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Research On Teaching A Second Programming Language/Paradigm

I've tried googling for this but I'm not sure I'm searching for the correct terms. Is anyone aware of any research on the differences between teaching novice software developers how to write code and ...
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Learning from research papers in a developing field

(Note: related question here, not duplicate.) I'm reading quite a bit about quantum computing, especially optical quantum computing. Part of the problem is even the all-encompassing bible of quantum ...
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