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Questions tagged [revision-control]

This tag is for questions related to the teaching of revision control. Revision control is a system for managing a set of files over time, recording who made which changes and in some cases allowing multiple people to work on the same set of files at the same time. Some examples of version control are Git, Subversion, and CVS.

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3 votes
2 answers

Teaching Revision (Change) Control Systems In High School CS Classes

I teach AP Computer Science A and game design classes at the high school level in Washington state (where "revision control systems" are a grade level expectation (GLE) for 11th and 12th grade - all ...
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1 answer

Merits of teaching VCS as enrichment

Senior students in the computer science major at my school work on a project which is supposed to be relatively big (i.e. just a graphic calculator isn't enough). I was wondering (for next year; it'...
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2 answers

One lecture on VCS: What needs to be covered?

I've been asked to do a one-lecture (50 minute) presentation on Version Control. In the class we'll be using Git; there will be a hands-on opportunity to work with Git later in lab. (The Git GUI of ...
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14 answers

Why don't more universities teach revision control?

In the answers to this question, it's suggested that one of the most common things that CS graduates still need to learn to be employable developers is revision control, and by inference that many CS ...
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24 answers

How do I teach git to a teenager

I like Git, or at least the idea of it. However I can not get my head around how to use it. Therefore I would not like to teach it. (This question is about learning to use Git. Not about comparing it ...
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14 votes
2 answers

How can I integrate teaching source code control (Git/Mercurial/etc) into my introductory CS class?

In the words of Andrew Clay Shafer, “In software development, version control is the foundation of every other Agile technical practice.” (Allspaw & Robbins, 2010). Yet, 57% of CS curricula does ...
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3 answers

on-What are pre-requisites for teaching version control to a high school CS class?

I'm interested in introducing version control to a HS CS class, and was considering starting with Github since it's a fairly standard tool used by developers. What are pre-requisites for ...
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