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Questions related to teaching about regular expressions. This tag is for asking about various aspects of teaching regex. Use it for questions about regex from an educational perspective. Regular expression are often abbreviated as regex.

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Teaching NFAs after DFAs

Michael0x2a's recent question reminded me of a problem I've had teaching about Nondeterministic Finite Automata in the past. I can get my students quite comfortable following and creating DFAs, but ...
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Teaching students how to construct regular expressions (and other "translation" style problems)

I'm currently helping teach a unit about languages as a part of a discrete math course -- we're currently focusing on regular expressions, NFAs, DFAs, CFGs, grammars, and the like. One of the skills ...
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Effective ways of teaching regex to students who know Java

My students are knowledgeable about Java but need to know something about Regular Expressions. Many students find them difficult and intimidating. The students don't need to know every detail, but do ...
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