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Use this tag only when the language used would affect the question significantly (if your question uses Python as an example, but does not focus on the language itself, you need not use the tag).

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Interesting Programming Exercises to Teach Inheritance?

I originally asked this over on Stack Overflow, but they suggested I look here instead: I'm currently teaching my students about the concept of inheritance (we're using Python 3) but am unable to ...
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IDE vs Editor and terminal for CS1

I am involved in the teaching of CS1 and CS2 at the University of Oslo. We have recently transitioned from Java to Python as our introductory language. We have a strong tradition of teaching students ...
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How do I approach teaching Python to 12-year-olds as a first-time teacher?

I'm currently teaching Python, to three 12-year-olds. They have no experience at all, and my task is to introduce them to programming concepts, and to Python. I'm fairly experienced in programming, ...
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Do Python and Java lead students to construct different mental models of memory?

How are novices' mental models of variable storage affected by programming language choices? Most Intro to CS teachers (I think) do not delve with breadth and depth into details of how variable names ...
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What to consider when choosing version of Python?

I will be giving a small course on the Python programming language to a group of interns this summer. As I am sure you know, there are many different versions of the Python language. I am wondering ...
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Starting open source

How can I best get students started with an open source project that they would be interested in and welcomed to? I'd prefer that the project is focused on building a piece of software, perhaps a ...
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