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Questions related to student projects in the fields of computer science. Use this tag to ask about structuring project guidelines for students, or to ask questions that deal with an aspect of projects in computer science.

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Techniques for encouraging pair programming

Suppose I've assigned a project and asked students to pair into two-person teams. I'd like each team to pair-program: work together in person to complete the assignment. Some students will do this, ...
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To plan or not to plan that is the question

We are often asked to plan: We are asked to make lesson plans; When I was a programmer sometimes I was asked to create a plan; We are told to ask our students to plan their projects. However there is ...
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How many projects(within the same organisation) can one apply for in GSoC (google summer of code)?

Not because one would want to take on two tasks, but so that if one project is already filled/assigned,they could be assigned another one,instead of being turned down from the organization I have ...
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