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Questions tagged [programming]

For questions about teaching programming (as opposed to e.g. [cs-theory]). Please consider whether a more specific tag is appropriate.

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Divide and conquer for subset sum problem

I want my students (equivalent first-year college students) to work on algorithmic paradigms during a 2 hours practical programming session in OCaml. I chose the subset sum problem since it can ...
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Use codewars in class

I'm currently doing my teacher preparation in Germany and next year I have to teach programming in python to high school students. The students only have 90 min of computer science every week and the ...
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What are some resources to practice javascript while learning it?

I’m looking for solved and unsolved assignments of JavaScript to practice. My goals are both, practice javascript to learn to program as well as practice javascript to be able to design MERN ...
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Beginner project in c++

I am a cse undergrad and I have recently finished basics of c++ language to further improve my command on it I was looking forward to making a project. I am thinking of a simple ray tracer .I know c++ ...
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Forming a foundation in PHP

Does anyone know what topics I should start studying to form a foundation in PHP ? Loops, outputting data, manipulating a database etc. ? Edit: I want to start using PHP to create a social site. ...
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Number of preps for networking and programming courses

I am currently teaching in a community college that includes teaching introductory programming course in C++. I also have a colleague who is currently teaching ...
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How to teach linear programming and reductions?

Do you know any textbook with problems+solutions to support teaching of linear programming and reductions? In particular for: standard and slack forms, formulation of problems as linear programs, ...
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Hackerrank challenges for a programming course: hide code and show only what is relevant?

I'm trying to create a programming competition with personalized challenges for my class, using Hackerrank. The thing is: I need to show only the minimum relevant code to solve the challenge, and ...
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How to learn how files are connected to each other, routing,database connection in software development?

These are the things in backend that confuse me a lot. Let's take this code for example. Say I'm in server folder. I can't understand how config models ...
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What's the difference between a Hacker and a Cracker as an Ethics Discussion?

The term hacker didn't originate at MIT rail road club, it's as ancient as press, or mass publications, and the same argument still exists. How do we tie the common definition and word use by ...
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Jackson based IDE for programming

Is there any Jackson based IDE for programming? I mean, an IDE in which you can place the sentences in sequence from left to right. I am looking for something similar to PSeInt (spanish), although ...
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what is a good way to learn new framework / language?

I have been learning rust since 2021. I followed different courses from YouTube and others. Then I shifted towards books to learn rust and right now after two years I am doing same thing and learning ...
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