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This tag is for questions related to structuring student exercises, problems, and projects for maximum educational effect. Questions should go beyond the obvious and ubiquitous choices.

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Are there problem sets for trace table problems? If not, what are some good topics to cover?

A trace table problem is code that you follow along by hand and fill out variable values at each line. For example. ...
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How do I teach problem solving and logical thinking to students of age group 12-18yrs through online session

I am currently researching some good content/problems to teach my students. I am referring to Mensa's Book on Logical thinking, which has a good amount of puzzles for all age groups. Is there any ...
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What qualities should be considered when designing a front end project?

I'm working on designing a project where the students will use HTML+CSS to replicate a specific layout which I will give them as a picture. The goal of the project is to allow each student to practice ...
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