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Questions tagged [operating-systems]

Use this tag to mark questions about teaching operating systems and their components.

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Simulator or game to teach operating system principles

I am teaching Operating Systems to Computer Science Majors, generally juniors and seniors. In order to better explain it I want to create or have a simulator or game to illustrate memory management: ...
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A video lecture series which explains the modern linux memory management subsystem in detail with code walk through

Any detailed video lecture series which explains each component of the modern Linux memory management subsystem in great detail, with code walk-through, and good slides?
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What operating system concepts should I be fluent with to understand LVM in UNIX operating systems?

I'm wondering about this. LVMs are so interesting and useful, but they are very complicated for my brain. I'm pretty sure this is due to lack of my preriquisites of computer science concepts. So, I ...
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Resource (preferably video) explaining working of page coloring in details to solve problem of aliasing in Virtually Indexed Physically Tagged caches

Here is a question that was asked in the GATE CS examination. It asks to find the number of bits required to color the pages to remove the problem of aliasing in VIPT caches. My peers out there ...
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