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For question regarding the teaching of the object oriented paradigm. This can also be used in conjunction with more specific tags such as inheritance and classes.

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Some real practical example to teach object-oriented concepts and programming (in python)

I have taught my high school students to write some simple python scripts, taking some ideas from "Automate the Boring Stuff with Python", e.g. changing file names in a folder to a specific ...
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What is a good analogy for the Object Oriented paradigm?

What is the most effective analogy that you have used or have thought of to teach the object oriented paradigm? Hopefully the analogy can translate well to inheritance as well, and includes the ...
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Justification for an objects-early approach to introductory programming

I'm familiar with two schools of thinking for approaching an introductory level class in an object oriented language: objects-late, and objects-early. In objects-late, you teach various procedural ...
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Objects Lab Before Inheritance and Polymorphism

I am finding it very difficult to create a lab for Objects in Java before we've involved Inheritance and Polymorphism. The problem, as I see it, is that Inheritance and Polymorphism are basically the ...
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Interesting Programming Exercises to Teach Inheritance?

I originally asked this over on Stack Overflow, but they suggested I look here instead: I'm currently teaching my students about the concept of inheritance (we're using Python 3) but am unable to ...
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Is it important to teach pointers in a first course using Java?

Many instructors teaching with Java started their education using earlier languages such as C or C++ in which pointers are essential. Pointers, however, are not a Java concept, though those same ...
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Learning fundamental differences between functional programming and Object Oriented Programming

I've been trying to learn the differences between Functional Programming and OOP, but I can't seem to find a comparison of the two. A Google search did not yield any chart or table showing such a ...
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Explaining how an Interface is a contract

When teaching Interfaces (in Java, for example), it is common to describe them as a contract. Which means that if a class implements an interface, it has to use the methods in the interface. As an ...
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Basic OOP practice exercises for inheritance and polymorphism

After teaching inheritance and implementation (implements vs extends in Java) and overriding methods and basic OOP (classes and ...
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Where, sequentially, do Interfaces sit in an introduction to Objects?

I've been teaching Objects for years now as part of AP Computer Science A (which means that I am teaching OOP in Java), and I have experimented with putting Interfaces in at different locations. In ...
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Resource recommendations for teaching OOP via a practice-oriented example

I intend to teach some OOP methodology but everywhere I look, there are only syntethic examples and elaborations of various concepts of the OOP world (for example: what is inheritance, how to use ...
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How to START an Objects-First Course

In light of this question (and many others on this site), I have been noodling around with the idea of reversing my AP Computer Science A course and taking an Objects-Early approach. I'm having a bit ...
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Mental Model of Type Conformance/Subtype Polymorphism

I'm finding that my CS2 students really struggle with the notions of type conformance and subtype polymorphism in Java. Say we have the following: ...
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What is an example of class inheritance in every-day life which is easy to write in an object-oriented language?

When a student is first learning about class inheritance it is nice to use an example from every-day life. For example, Plastic Cups are ...
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