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Questions related to what students write during lectures. This tag should be used for questions about student note-taking in lectures and for questions about any way a student can store the information obtained during a lesson. Notes can be anything from pencil and paper to audio recording to videos provided by the instructor.

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Method for keeping records in a computer science notebook?

Which recording method is best used for computer science. The Cornel method or the subsequent method developed by Scott Young who mastered the MIT program in a year. To be honest, I have problems ...
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4 answers

Note-taking for self-studying

What is the best way to take notes when self-studying? I myself swing rather wildly between writing down everything and writing nothing. Obviously, neither is a good approach. I also have troubles ...
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Note-taking policy: laptops, or by hand?

My students are all highly inclined to take notes on their computers. There are some obvious advantages: The students absolutely prefer it. They can easily search through their notes later. Since ...
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