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For questions about teaching, computer networks: From teaching technical details (OSI levels 1→7) Ethernet, Internet Protocol, TCP, HTTP, … To teaching best practice when using the web/internet.

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Practical assignments Hardware/Server projects

Due to a teacher shortage I will have a class of "IT-Systems & Devices" students in a couple of weeks. The class should be group projects of 3 students in which they will have to do ...
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Number of preps for networking and programming courses

I am currently teaching in a community college that includes teaching introductory programming course in C++. I also have a colleague who is currently teaching ...
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Critique my roadmap to learn computer networking?

Purpose: For Linux System Administrator. I don't need CCNA cert. I don't need to be explicitly a network engineer. I just need to be able to troubleshoot network related issues. Already Tried Googling ...
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