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For questions about teaching, computer networks: From teaching technical details (OSI levels 1→7) Ethernet, Internet Protocol, TCP, HTTP, … To teaching best practice when using the web/internet.

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For teaching basic DNS to IP translation to a lay audience in a MOOC would there a way to have a static IP that would map to a well known website?

I tried submitting this question to Network Engineering StackExchange, but they said it wasn't in their scope. So can see what happens here in Computer Science Educators StackExchange. On Coursera I'm ...
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1 answer

Critique my roadmap to learn computer networking?

Purpose: For Linux System Administrator. I don't need CCNA cert. I don't need to be explicitly a network engineer. I just need to be able to troubleshoot network related issues. Already Tried Googling ...
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3 answers

What to teach in an Advanced Computer Networking course?

I was commissioned to prepare an advanced course on Computer Networks with updated topics. My students have already passed the Computer Networking course using A. S. Tanenbaum's book. They gave enough ...
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4 answers

How can I teach socket programming?

I am teacher in high school, and I would like to teach socket programming. How can I teach socket programming?
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Practical assignments Hardware/Server projects

Due to a teacher shortage I will have a class of "IT-Systems & Devices" students in a couple of weeks. The class should be group projects of 3 students in which they will have to do ...
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Number of preps for networking and programming courses

I am currently teaching in a community college that includes teaching introductory programming course in C++. I also have a colleague who is currently teaching ...
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Mnemonics to remember the TCP header fields

I am bad at memorizing things. So could anyone recommend me some mnemonics, so that I can remember the fields of the header... Thank you.
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2 answers

What resources would you recommend for K-5 Computer Systems Concept of the CSTA K-12 Standards?

In Maryland, we hope to be funded by a grant that will allow us to write a K-5 computer science curriculum to address the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) K-12 Computer Science standards. ...
8 votes
2 answers

Teaching information security to students without basic IT knowledge

Context I've been mandated by the university of Tokyo to teach Information security courses during my working hours (initiation level). We are 3 teachers, 2 security researchers employed by the ...
14 votes
8 answers

What would be a good analogy for IP addresses and ports?

What would be a good way to describe ports? I learned about it using this analogy, but it seems pretty inadequate to me: IP addresses are like street addresses of apartment buildings, and ports are ...