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Questions tagged [mathematics]

Use this tag for questions about the teaching of mathematics as it applies to computer science, or mathematics concepts in the context of computer science. DO NOT use for questions about pure mathematics or deriving equations or such matters; those questions belong on Mathematics.SE (or graduate-level questions on MathOverflow). Instead,

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How to teach Godel's incompleteness Theorems?

I'm taking a class on Logic in Computer Science, and we've covered propositional logic, predicate logic and second-order logic. Students are familiar with model theory. They are also acquainted with ...
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Doing basically a CS MSc under a mathematics MSc program?

I have recently been reminded again (through lots of pain) why I wanted to do my masters in CS instead of mathematics. Its not that I can't do an MSc in mathematics, its just that I don't enjoy ...
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Problems in maths competition vs problems in advanced cs degree and programming

I have some experience in the initial stages of maths olympiads. So , a curiosity arises whether the problem solving methods and the difficulty of the methods given in any advanced computer science ...
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