Questions tagged [lesson-review]

Questions that request a review for a lesson plan. Use this tag for asking specific questions about your lesson plan. Before using this tag, please read about it in the mentioned meta post. This tag has a very definite format, outlined in the full tag wiki. If you use this tag, you should not also use the lesson ideas tag.

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Object patterns student presentation format

I am teaching a course in object design patterns for the first time, and it is not a topic I am extremely well versed in. My students are well aware of this, and signed up for the course fully ...
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Divide and conquer for subset sum problem

I want my students (equivalent first-year college students) to work on algorithmic paradigms during a 2 hours practical programming session in OCaml. I chose the subset sum problem since it can ...
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16 votes
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What is the best way to teach JavaScript functions to middle schoolers?

I am teaching middle school kids (aged 11-13) some basic JavaScript and want to get some "professional" opinions. I am introducing JavaScript with a simple function with a variable, a prompt, if/else,...
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Need review of course content: Javascript History and Capabilities

I am planning to make a free JavaScript online video series. The first chapter covers the Javascript history and its capabilities. Following is a transcript of the video. I would like it to be ...
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Online Code Review Scripts Like Udacity

Please, can anyone recommend a simple online code review scripts/website similar to udacity. Instructor upload students code to the scripts, they add inline comments and can send the URL to the ...
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C# Array Lesson Plan

I'll be sitting in for a teacher next week and I'll be teaching about arrays in c#. They've been taught about variables, basic types (int, string, double) and how to print data to the console. They ...
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Lesson plan for teaching java graphics

Background: This lesson should give a firm foundation for graphics in Swing in java to students in high school who know OOP in java (...
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