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Questions tagged [lesson-order]

Use this tag primarily for questions relating to the order of topics in a single course (US usage) rather than overall order of topics in a curriculum (UK usage: Course of Study). Important questions relate to techniques for achieving a goal, such as, for example, teaching objects early (or late).

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2 votes
1 answer

Use codewars in class

I'm currently doing my teacher preparation in Germany and next year I have to teach programming in python to high school students. The students only have 90 min of computer science every week and the ...
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Students seem to be unable to use code to express their ideas. Is the teaching methodology improvable?

In my beginner experience as a teacher, the thing that's strucking me most is a sensation of my students' inability to express their (valid!) thoughts in code. Let me deepen it a bit. I inherited a ...
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3 votes
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Constructing a curriculum from multiple resources for complex subjects

I was recently asked to teach someone OOP and C++, to a relatively advanced level in the former and an intermediate level in the latter. After one half of a private lesson, it became clear that the ...
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Order to teach looping constructs in a non ideal language

In an ideal teaching language If the language directly supports them then the order to teach looping constructs seems simple. Infinite loop: forever. Simple finite ...
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2 votes
4 answers

Is it possible to teach selection (`if`) before variables

I was looking at the CAS progression pathways, and noticed that in column 2 (Programming and development), it has selection (if) before variables. https://...
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4 votes
4 answers

Where, sequentially, do Interfaces sit in an introduction to Objects?

I've been teaching Objects for years now as part of AP Computer Science A (which means that I am teaching OOP in Java), and I have experimented with putting Interfaces in at different locations. In ...
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