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Questions related to software tools and materials used by teachers in lectures and to manage classes. Use this tag to ask about advantages or disadvantages of some tools.

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How can I design online tests and prevent cheating?

As you may know, schools in many parts of the world will remain closed for a long time due to the coronavirus outbreak. In Italy, the government has invited schools to provide remote teaching, and ...
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Quizzes after lectures

I put together elaborate, very carefully planned out lectures, complete with highly distilled exemplars, student teach-backs, and mid-lecture activities to check for understanding. I've had feedback ...
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Tools for running classes remotely

Today, university after university in the US announced moving to online classes. This is perhaps easier in CS than in, say, ceramics or dance, but it still presents unique challenges. Can anyone ...
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What screencasting tools can be used for online teaching

I wish to make a video like this one from In this video, the creator looks like he is using some screencasting software where he can write on his screen and talk over what he is doing ...
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Do you use any teaching assistant tool in your CS1 lab classes?

In the scope of my PhD work, I am developing a teaching assistant tool. These tools are used in the context of lab classes to gather "snapshots" from the student's code using one plug-in in the IDE of ...
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What is the technology (or combination of technologies) one would use to create slides, animations and live coding for lectures?

I teach Computer Science courses. Ideally, I would like to have all teaching materials in a website: slides, animation of data structures operations, live coding to illustrate the basic data ...
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Code highlight for classroom use

I am thinking about "dissecting" my code with students, going line by line and commenting (why is this the condition of the while? What does this piece of code do?) A simple example can be found here:...
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What are alternatives for interactive polls during a lecture?

We would like to use an interactive system for polls in our lectures. What would be alternatives to that are e.g. opensource or self-hostable?
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What are some suitable persistence services for storing programming tasks?

My team of tutors and lecturers aims to have a centralized repository of programming tasks. The idea is to have a database to which we can easily add new tasks, modify the existing ones and group them ...
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Software to produce an interactive presentation?

I'm tasked with leading a couple information sessions (totaling 4 hours) to teach non-programmers how to get started in Python. The audience is software testers employed in a technology department. I ...
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Teaching in class and online cohorts CS

I am looking for advice for September with a new format for our daily schedules for high school CS. As part of my board's grade 9-12 return to school plan, students will be in one of 3 cohorts of a ...
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Are there any tools for embedding editable code samples in Canvas?

We used to use for embedding code in Canvas courses so that students could quickly and easily engage with programming after watching a video or reading content in Canvas. However, they changed ...
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Creating a pre-recorded lecture

I have created a PowerPoint presentation and I want to create a video of me presenting it. I'm looking for a software to make my life easier. The features I'm looking for are: Can record a 25-minute ...
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How to create webpage slides for teaching?

I have PDF slides prepared in Latex. I would like to have all of my slides in a website where students can find all learning materials, animations, examples, etc. Do you have any experience with ...
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Alternative to Piazza for online Q&A

Piazza recently started serving ads. Are there any reasonable alternatives to Piazza that are effective for CS courses, for handling questions from students online? I would find it useful to be able ...
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Any technology for full body video with slides in Zoom

Given the surge of COVID cases many of us have to find different ways for giving online lectures. I use Zoom for lectures and I would like to know if there is any technology or combination of ...
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Who is the best software engineering teacher you know? what makes them the best? [closed]

Looking to find some of the best teachers in software engineering; not the best computer scientists or software engineers per se. But those who train and develop software engineers that and build ...
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Software tool as in Bret Victor's demo

Already last year I encountered the great and it was much needed fresh air (while I was suffocating in my provided "textbooks": cobbled collections of ...
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