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Questions asking for help to explain computer sciene or specific computer sciene topics in layman's terms.

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What are some non-CS concepts that can be defined using BNF notation?

I'm preparing a class on the modified BNF notation that python uses. I.e., Each rule begins with a name (which is the name defined by the rule) and ::=. A vertical bar (...
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How do I explain blockchain using an analogy?

One of the next big thing that will get people interested are block-chain based technology. Many people are asking about "WTH is blockchain" and it seems that this will be asked quite a lot in coming ...
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Overcoming a friend's self-discouragement [closed]

Before I turned 19 I just kind of... fell into coding. I used to think programming was something incredibly hard that only child prodigies and people with a 160+ IQ could do. (A view often reinforced ...
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How can I explain the difference between CS and coding to a layperson?

I was at a party a few days ago with a doctor (the medical kind, not the research kind) who was thinking about writing a computer program to solve a scheduling problem at work. Someone introduced him ...
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How to explain what code is to my parents?

I am an engineering student in computer science and recently my parents asked me to explain a bit what I do, which is their way of asking "What is coding?". They have no idea of what coding is, what ...
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