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Questions tagged [language-types]

For questions about different types of programming languages. E.g. Interpreted languages vs. compiled languages.

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Should an undergraduate course on Programming Languages precede or succeed the course on Compiler Construction?

I am an undergraduate CS student half way through my degree. I have started taking an online(Youtube) course on Programming Languages. The course contents include the following topics: First-class ...
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1 vote
2 answers

(FOSS) Application to show/explain compilation?

I'm looking for an application that I can compile live, in class to show the students that compilation takes time, but brings speed benefits in the end, whereas interpreted languages always take time, ...
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3 answers

How would you explain to a layman what the parser (the part of the compiler or intepreter) is?

Here is an explanation I came up with: Consider the following sentence from Caesar's De Bello Gallico (book 6, chapter 24): "Ea, quae fertilissima totius Germaniae sunt, loca aliquibus Graecis ...
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What is the best programming language to learn right now? [closed]

A CS student here. My school is teaching only Java, and I figured I should pick up another language on my own. What would you say is the best programming language to learn right now in this market?
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