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Questions related to the choice of programming languages for different learning environments

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Programming languages specifically designed for beginners

Is there a good beginner's programming language, specifically designed for learners, maybe even kids? Something beginners can sink their teeth into and get results quickly. Results that are more than ...
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4 answers

Scheme vs Haskell for introducing functional programming

So, I am not interested in which language is better, because that is a matter of opinion. What I care about is whether making a switch from Scheme to Haskell will directly help me accomplish my goals....
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7 answers

Programming language for teenagers

I have been asked to give an introductory programming course for kids between 14-15 years old. Scratch seems like a good option for young children, maybe up to 12 years old. Python, is also a good ...
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What can Snap! do that Scratch cannot?

I teach a short introductory unit in my course that uses Scratch to get students familiar with programming concepts before introducing the syntax of a text-based programming language. For context, we ...
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What would be a good first choice to teach game programming to beginners?

In my institution we are close to starting a new graduate level program for game development. However, this program will accept non-digital game designers or other non-experts (real architects who are ...
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Good beginning assembly language for teaching about stack function calls

We are considering integrating our processors design and architecture course with our assembly programming course by using the same processor for both. The processor class (which does its work in ...
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What could be the possible advantages of teaching Scheme as first programming language?

When I started my Computer Science studies, Scheme was the first thing we learned in our first programming course. Almost 8 years later, I ask a friend of mine, and it seems that they are still ...
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