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Questions about instruction specific to the programming language Java. Use this tag only when the language used would affect the question significantly (if your question uses Java as an example, but does not focus on the language itself, you need not use the tag).

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Using zyBooks and labs

Has anyone used zyBooks in their classes? I've seen some good comments on the SIGCSE list about them. I would primarily use this in our CS I class (Java) with their lab feature as a way to provide ...
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Curriculum choice for AP Computer Science A

We are currently researching what curriculum to use/adapt for the 2019-2020 school year. It will be our first year offering AP CSA. The students taking the class will have had 3-7 years of computers ...
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Spring core exercices

I'm actually studying (free studying using online books) to pass the Pivotal Spring core certification and i need some exercices (online or pdf) to practice in order to master the framework as well, ...
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