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Questions related to teaching about interfaces in the object oriented paradigm. A class implementing an interface is considered to have "signed a contract", which ensures that has methods described in the interface. DO NOT use this tag to ask about interfaces in general, OR about user interface.

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Interfaces and Greenfoot

My colleague and I are considering bringing Greenfoot into our AP classes this year, and while Interfaces have been removed from the AP subset, we will continue to teach them. Greenfoot itself seems ...
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Where, sequentially, do Interfaces sit in an introduction to Objects?

I've been teaching Objects for years now as part of AP Computer Science A (which means that I am teaching OOP in Java), and I have experimented with putting Interfaces in at different locations. In ...
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Explaining how an Interface is a contract

When teaching Interfaces (in Java, for example), it is common to describe them as a contract. Which means that if a class implements an interface, it has to use the methods in the interface. As an ...
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