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Use this tag for questions about computer science teaching in the context of courses given to workers in the workplace or in a workplace-related setting. Do not use for industry training that isn't about computer science or for teaching in a purely educational setting. DO NOT use in the context of preparing students for industry; this is training for people already in industry.

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4 votes
2 answers

I'm an intermediate level developer trying to level up my skill set what resources could I use to do so?

So to elaborate I'm what I consider an intermediate level software dev. I have worked as a web-dev for 3-4 years (mainly front end) before I started my current job as a software dev and I've been here ...
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2 votes
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How to teach hardware-software integration to new developers?

I'm having trouble succesfully teaching integration to trainee that are not from a computer science background. Basically they have a training of 3 months around C/C++/Python/Software Testing/...
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2 answers

Open Source Training

Cloud Foundry open sourced their curriculum to train students on how to use it. Are there any other open source courses out there or organizations who collects training that is open sourced? To ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Best way to pass on the problem solving experience

In my workplace, my team (working both on a ASP.Net MVC ecommerce and a C++ client) had a recent addition of two young members. One is a fresh graduate and the other worked as PHP programmer for some ...
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Database theory (normalization) for beginners (adult education, MS Access)

When teaching database basics to non IT beginners, what is the minimum requirement in theory and technical terms? So what is absolutely necessary to talk about DBs? What helps students grasp the basic ...
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