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Questions related to teaching about image processing. Use this tag to ask about various aspects or methods of instruction regarding image processing.

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Which image rotation libraries use the Paeth algorithm?

I'm teaching linear algebra, and thought I'd show my students Paeth's rotation by shearing algorithm as a nice quick example of matrix manipulations. I'd like to include the information of which ...
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How to teach image processing and computer graphics to a blind student?

I'm not (yet) in this situation, so this is a hypothetical question. What would be viable approaches to teaching image processing (IP) and computer graphics (CG) to a blind college student? IP could ...
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Help in choosing elective subject

I am a student of B.Tech CSE and have an option to choose any one of the subjects in the next semester. Below are the options: Enterprise Java Digital Image Processing Compiler Design I want to ...
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Introducing image processing - Should I teach the math

During the summer I am teaching a programming workshop for students in a high school computer science major. The purpose of the workshop is to introduce them to image processing, and to have them ...
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