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Questions related to various homework assignments given in a computer science class or course. Use this tag to ask questions about giving homework to students. Do Not use this tag to ask homework questions.

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In programming courses, should homework grading be the job of the TA or the professor?

In most courses, the professor's job is to give the lectures, while the TAs' job is to grade the homework. But in some courses, giving the lectures is often a routine and repetitive task: the material ...
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Grading programming exercises: the quality vs. originality paradox

BACKGROUND: I teach a C++ course with 300 students where the grade is based on programming assignments. We use automatic tools to assess the assignment correctness (using many unit-tests), code ...
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3 answers

Object Oriented Software Engineering Project

I am looking for a software engineering project idea (based on Object Oriented Programming) which does not include financial/accounting module, yet provides reasonable challenges in terms of research ...
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Feedback request: an assignment on programming a research paper

I am teaching an elective course on algorithms for 3rd year undergraduates. There are 12 weekly assignments, each of which is worth 1% of the grade, and a final exam which is worth 88%. I would like ...
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Problem book for Haskell course

I need a set of problems for beginner Haskell course represented as a problem book or workbook. Can you help me find any to give them as a homework on weekly basis? I was able to find only one book in ...
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Debugging a submission that works well on student's computer but not on my computer

I teach a course in C++. Often, students submit a homework assignment that works well in their computer (they send me a screenshot showing that it compiles and runs perfectly), but when I run the ...
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21 votes
10 answers

What's the benefit of prohibiting the use of techniques/language constructs that have not been taught?

I teach as a private tutor and most of my students are prohibited to use techniques and/or language constructs that they haven't been taught! There's a really broad variety of stuff that is ...
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Should programming assignments be graded based on results from unit tests or based on the similarity to the correct implementation?

Imagine students in a course on algorithms & data structures, which are given homework assignments to implement things like trees, hash sets, sorting algorithms, etc. Due to the high number of ...
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Difficulty of algorithms homework problems

I have a question for educators, from the perspective of a TA. I'm happy to post my question elsewhere if it's not appropriate for this site. Homework problems in algorithms classes often involve ...
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A meaningful exercise that requires using a destructor

I am teaching destructors in C++ and would like to give the students an interesting homework exercise that requires them to build a class with destructor. In previous years, the homework were ...
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3 answers

Using questions from a code-competition website in homework and exams

There are various websites like codewars that present programming challenges in various languages and difficulty levels. I looked at some of their challenges and they seem to be more creative than me ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Encouraging Critical Thinking On Programs Before Students Write Them

I frequently teach our CS1 class (taught in Java), and have noticed a problem with critical thinking/planning skills on programs of any substantial size. This seems to be related to two problems: (1) ...
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10 votes
4 answers

How to motivate game design/development students to do more than the minimum on homework

I'm a teaching assistant for the upper level under-graduate courses for Game Design and Development at my University, and the professor and I are having a hard time finding a way to motivate students ...
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Should test cases be made available to students for assessed assignments?

A number of the assignments I've completed during the course of my undergraduate degree have been assessed partially using automated tests. These have never been available to students prior to the ...
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Homework Policy for Advanced/Honors Students

Perusing Twitter just now, I saw this tweet from the @CSTeachingTips account, and it got me thinking about the general topic of homework as it applies to our discipline: Downsize homework because, ...
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