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For questions about teaching physical computing, hands-on logic design (simulation or FPGA) and peripherals. If your question is about making a demo, or fixing some hardware, this might not be the most appropriate place to ask the question.

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Sourcing PC parts for a hands-on workshop

I am trying to source for PC parts for a hands-on workshop. The goal is for students to learn how to assemble the main components of a PC into a desktop casing. Due to the limited duration of the ...
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Practical assignments Hardware/Server projects

Due to a teacher shortage I will have a class of "IT-Systems & Devices" students in a couple of weeks. The class should be group projects of 3 students in which they will have to do ...
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Driven to Abstraction

One recurring discussion I have on this site which I have never understood is: Why not teach people how computers work right away? This always leads people to speculate about cosmic strings and other ...
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Finding "Filler" projects for students

Short Summary of the situation: I live on the Dutch countryside, here there are several colleges/universities that offer IT degrees (post-secondary vocational education/ Bachelor Degree/Master Degree)....
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How do you wow second-year students into saying "bare-metal programming is cool!"?

Next semester I will be TAing a computer organization/assembly language course. I will be full-fledgedly (co-)teaching the lab. The first lab will take place before the first lecture, so me and the ...
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Is the CRT still relevant when introducing display hardware

In the context of an undergraduate course on microprocessors and architecture, I'm looking at how to introduce a VGA display peripheral. This is with the specific goal that they implement the ...
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What hardware can I use when teaching Compiler Language and Assembly Code

This year course includes creating a compiler of course using Syntax Analyzer and Lexical Analyzer, Semantics and of course through all this generate Assembly Code But also the teaching program ...
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