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For questions about creating, organizing, and monitoring groups, especially student teams. These questions can relate to methods of assigning students, equity in work distribution, ensuring that groups are staying on track, and anything else related to group assignments.

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What "process instruction" should instructors give students when assigning a team project?

Team projects seem to run in to difficulties fairly often. One complaint is that some member doesn't actually do anything, causing dissension or the failure of the project altogether. Too often, ...
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Using another person to motivate

I am learning various topics on my own, and so is another person that I know. We were planning on studying together around four days a week, a half an hour at a time (perhaps to be increased if all ...
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Demographics in Programming Teams in Early CS Courses

I frequently teach CS1 and CS1-and-a-half in a very diverse, working-class, commuter public sector college. I have my students to work in small groups (2 or 3) on their larger homework programming ...
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Is it possible to ensure division of labor on a group assignment?

Let's say I've assigned my Intro to CS class their first group programming assignment. A common problem is that the most invested student in the group will end up doing the majority of the work. At ...
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