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Please don't use to ask questions about graph theory, or algorithms relating to graph theory; such questions belong on Mathematics or Computer Science.

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Jackson based IDE for programming

Is there any Jackson based IDE for programming? I mean, an IDE in which you can place the sentences in sequence from left to right. I am looking for something similar to PSeInt (spanish), although ...
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1 answer

Graph / Tree Visualization Software

I am planning to begin teaching Computer Science topics in video/slide form. I would like to be able to easily create visualizations of trees and graphs (and other data structures would be great as ...
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Textbook or video lectures to develope intuition for solving any unseen Graph Theory problems

Background Hello, I am a third year undergraduate in CS. I am eager to pursue higher education from one of the best institutes in out country. For that I need to write a competitive exam, named GATE ...
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Dataset colection of weighted graphs

I hope I'm addressing the right community. I was redirected here from CS.SE. For a project for my students, I need to find some weighted graphs (oriented or not) to benchmark their algorithms (...
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Integrating Graph Theory into AP CS A

During our year-end exit interviews with our outgoing seniors, the students made an explicit request to include some graph theory within our curriculum. This seems like an excellent idea, but the ...