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Grading questions ask how to properly, effectively, and fairly assign grades to labs, assignments, and exams.

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Should CS students be doing their tests on paper?

In some CS courses (especially undergraduate and high school courses) the tests and the final exam are written on paper without the use of a computer. But if the students are in a CS course, shouldn't ...
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How can I automate the grading of programming assignments?

As a TA, the usual workflow for grading programming assignments for an introductory course would be: Some instructors used email as a submission mechanism (yes, really.) So, search for submissions in ...
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8 answers

What autograding software do folks use for Java code?

Grading currently either takes me a huge amount of time, or gets done in an extremely cursory way. It occurs to me that, if my students were able to submit code into some sort of autotester, they ...
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Should I have written tests on basic programming skills?

When making more complex programs, it is natural that one needs to run the program to see whether things work and fixing bugs. However, if one makes a lot of mistakes in basic programming, e.g. ...
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How can I discourage poor design while using automatic grading of submissions?

Automatic grading is great for saving time on marking programming tasks, so there's more time to focus on actual teaching, but I've noticed a few flaws. Since work is essentially marked based on ...
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Designing rubrics for AP Computer Science-style free response questions

When I create questions in the style of the College Board's AP Computer Science Free Response Questions, I always attempt to create authentic rubrics that reflect how such questions would be graded. ...
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Incorporating algorithmic complexity in grading

What are some advantages of incorporating algorithmic complexity in grading tests and assignments given to students? Currently, students in 11th grade at my school are required in tests to write ...
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