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Questions related to teaching about working in the web based version control repository manager GitHub.

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How do I use a playground to clone and modify demos from a github repo?

I have a JavaScript library with LOTS of demos. And I'm going to teach a group of students on how to use it next summer. I want the students to be able to edit & run the demos in the browser ...
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Is GitHub Copilot constantly training on private data?

I'm using GitHub Classroom for my class. I wrote an assignment and pushed it together with the solution to a private repo in my org. The assignment includes parts of the solution for the students to ...
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Suspicious activity in GitHub Classroom

I'm using GitHub classroom for the college B.Sc. course I am teaching. Several GitHub accounts have joined the classroom which seem unrelated to students. I'm suspecting these accounts are related to ...
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Using autograding (Github Classroom) - pitfalls and best practices?

I'm currently as a TA developing a series of programming assignments for a bachelor course on machine learning. Since we expect the number of students taking this course to grow in the future, we're ...
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Teaching Revision (Change) Control Systems In High School CS Classes

I teach AP Computer Science A and game design classes at the high school level in Washington state (where "revision control systems" are a grade level expectation (GLE) for 11th and 12th grade - all ...
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What should be included in student portfolios for CS?

Should CS students be keeping a portfolio, and if so, what should it look like? What would you, as a potential employer or college recruiter, like to see in/on a potential employee or student ...
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Workflow for Code Submission

Next year will be my first year teaching AP CS A. While I've spent a lot of time preparing by choosing textbooks, picking an IDE, and writing the syllabus, I'm not yet settled on my workflow for how ...
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on-What are pre-requisites for teaching version control to a high school CS class?

I'm interested in introducing version control to a HS CS class, and was considering starting with Github since it's a fairly standard tool used by developers. What are pre-requisites for ...
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