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For questions regarding front-end web development. This includes HTML, CSS, and Javascript in any of their iterations. This does not include Graphical User Interfaces of other varieties, only those rendered in a web browser. This also does not include user experience/Interaction and behavioral prediction as they apply to web development.

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How to help students comprehend the HTML document flow?

I'm teaching a student how to create website front ends. This student comes from a SNAP/Scratch/AppLab type environment where they learned basic programming concepts, but to position visual elements ...
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Are userscripts a good teaching tool?

What is a User Script? Useful tasks like improving layout, fixing bugs, automating common tasks and adding new functions can all be done by userscripts. More complicated userscripts can create mash-...
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How can I maintain interest in front end?

When I teach front end web development, it always happens that I start the year with a bunch of students who are ready to redesign Facebook on day 1. With expectations like that, it's always a letdown ...
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What qualities should be considered when designing a front end project?

I'm working on designing a project where the students will use HTML+CSS to replicate a specific layout which I will give them as a picture. The goal of the project is to allow each student to practice ...
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When teaching Web Development, should server or client side come first?

I teach full stack web development because the purpose of the course is to give an overview of how a complete website is created, from SQL for database management to HTML/CSS/JS for front-end to ruby ...
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