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Questions related to programming exercises that are meant to increase students' skills. Use this tag to ask questions about exercises related to a specific skill or skill-set.

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Small to medium scale exercises about Haskell's higher abstractions

Short version: Where can I find highly varying, small or medium-sized exercises and examples on the use, identification and instance declaration of Haskell's abstractions such as applicatives, monads, ...
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Good example for a live optimisation exercise

I'm trying to teach the basics of benchmarking and optimising .NET code. This is to other established engineers, not university students. I want to start off with a badly optimised algorithm and then ...
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What are some resources to practice javascript while learning it?

I’m looking for solved and unsolved assignments of JavaScript to practice. My goals are both, practice javascript to learn to program as well as practice javascript to be able to design MERN ...
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Spring core exercices

I'm actually studying (free studying using online books) to pass the Pivotal Spring core certification and i need some exercices (online or pdf) to practice in order to master the framework as well, ...
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