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Digital Literacy is a term used to describe classes/courses that intend, generally, to introduce students to computational concepts and processes. Such classes are often not comprehensive. They may be followed by more specialized courses or not. This tag is for questions related to the teaching of digital literacy and its relationship to Computer Science.

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Computer literacy textbook for first years students in higher education

At our university we notice that our first years students' "computer literacy" is declining over the years, probably because of the rise of smartphone usage, replacing regular computer use. ...
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Did the spread of smartphones increase or decrease general computer literacy?

In my experience, as a general observer of the world around me, and as someone who teaches some really simple basics in python to non-IT students, it does seem to me that general computer literacy (of ...
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Computer Science vs IT vs Digital Literacy

In 2012 shutdown or restart published by the royal society, recommended that UK schools have 3 parts to computing. No longer the single amorphous blob that was ICT. (Some things from ICT, would no ...
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