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For questions specifically related to overall curriculum design. This is distinct from course design, which is more limited. Questions about which courses are appropriate to include in an educational program.

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Number of preps for networking and programming courses

I am currently teaching in a community college that includes teaching introductory programming course in C++. I also have a colleague who is currently teaching ...
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Is there a word for mathematics/physics/data-analytics/....?

I'm trying to categorize university courses of the department of computer science and electronic engineering. Such courses may include: Data Analytics and Machine Learning Computer Science and ...
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Is the CS50x course enough to get the generic knowledge of a CS grad?

I am looking to get into a software engineer role and I need some fundamental knowledge of Computer Science Engineering concepts. Will David Milan's basic Computer Science course from Harvard, CS50x, ...
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Languages class in high school

Every year I focus on one of my courses to overhaul a bit. Partly because I'm supposed to have professional goals, and this is one that's pretty easy to admin to understand. But I also get bored ...
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