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For questions related to the design of a single course, say, of approximately semester length. Questions about syllabus contents, grading options, etc. Use the [curriculum-design] tag for sequences of courses contributing to a degree.

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Redesigning a C++ Course

I'm trying to teach C++ to postgraduate students, some of whom have no coding experience. A previous lecturer has left powerpoint presentations and videos but they're simply not engaging enough and ...
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In programming courses, should homework grading be the job of the TA or the professor?

In most courses, the professor's job is to give the lectures, while the TAs' job is to grade the homework. But in some courses, giving the lectures is often a routine and repetitive task: the material ...
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What to teach in an Advanced Computer Networking course?

I was commissioned to prepare an advanced course on Computer Networks with updated topics. My students have already passed the Computer Networking course using A. S. Tanenbaum's book. They gave enough ...
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Services-centered design

I am having some difficulties to find free access documentation, lecture notes, scientific papers, or books, on a course I have to give. Course topic is "Services-centered design". Course ...
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