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Questions tagged [command-line]

Questions related to teaching about command line interfaces (Linux terminal, Windows CMD, bash etc.). Use this tag to ask about teaching the how and why of using command lines.

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44 votes
22 answers

How to teach the value of the command line in high school?

Part of what I love about the particular adaptation I use for AP CS Principles — CS50 AP — is that my curriculum teaches students basic Linux shell commands in the Cloud9 IDE. Students learn things ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Command-line Java in AP CS A

Context: Over the past school year I spent a significant portion of my time preparing to teach AP CS A next year. From choosing textbooks to writing the College Board syllabus, I essentially started ...
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5 votes
4 answers

The confusing Unix permissions terminology

The GNU manpage (what you'll find on a Linux system) – but pretty much any Unix manpage – of chown (the command for changing the owning user and owning group in ...
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Resource recommendation for teaching the command line, file system for high school student

Hi I am looking for the resource for teaching the command line, the file system for high school student. I find some students have little idea of what the file system, not to mention navigating the ...
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