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The Classroom Environment pertains to things like room layout, which equipment to physically have within a space, or how to arrange materials in space.

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Why do (all) professors teach C++ 11?

I have noticed that in many computer science courses, professors tend to focus on teaching C++11 as the primary version of the ...
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Best Practices / Effective Strategies For Building Diversity In High School CS Programs

What works for building programs that are accessible to "non-traditional" CS students and which help to support the students so that they enjoy the class, start seeing themselves as "CS types," and ...
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9 votes
3 answers

What is the best layout for a Middle School computer lab?

My school director has given me the opportunity to redesign the layout of our school's IT lab to better suit my classes. Currently the computers are in the "inverted U" layout listed here so that I ...
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Giving Students a Break

My instruction time has specified breaks, but often the students do not take them, even if I urge them to. This results in them working and listening to my instruction while they are overdone. I tell ...
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How do teachers motivate students to persevere and learn?

One primary issue I have as an Instructor is increasing student motivation. For me, there are only two motivations in life: Because I enjoy it Because I need to earn a living Reason #2 is ...
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How do I deal with students being unkind to each other when I'm not there?

The faculty and students at my small minority-serving institution think of our environment as being supportive and cooperative. This is very important in CS, since programming is a team sport, and ...
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What to do when pupil destroy lab equipment?

I am teaching robotics at something like an afterschool but is free for everyone aged 12-19 years. The first problem I encountered was poor equipment and facilities, but I obtained some funds and I ...
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Platform for annotating students' code assignments

I'm about to start teaching a class of 10 people. I do it for free, and I search after a platform for home assignment. That platform should be: ...
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