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Use for questions about student cheating, and how to prevent it or deal with it. This tag may be used with the ethics tag.

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Cheating on labs

It is spectacularly easy to cheat on CS labs at the high school level and above (roughly ages 14 and up), particularly on short, early assignments. In fact, there is article in today's NY Times about ...
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How can I design online tests and prevent cheating?

As you may know, schools in many parts of the world will remain closed for a long time due to the coronavirus outbreak. In Italy, the government has invited schools to provide remote teaching, and ...
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How to share solutions in a way they won't get uploaded

I teach a computer science course and I like to share sample solutions to assignments after the assignment is due. I think it helps students learn to see a solution sheet with sample solutions and ...
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Seeking advice on mentoring without participating in exam cheating in the new chaotic environment of the pandemic

I mentor online (in assembly language and computer architecture) at  The way I work is to have a zoom meeting with a student to instruct them on what they are confused or stuck on. ...
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How to make students confident enough to stop copying each other's code assignment?

Mostly students can't code or they are not interested or they become lazy in their work or they are not confident enough to make their own logic and check it before teacher. For all these students ...
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Suspicious activity in GitHub Classroom

I'm using GitHub classroom for the college B.Sc. course I am teaching. Several GitHub accounts have joined the classroom which seem unrelated to students. I'm suspecting these accounts are related to ...
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Cheating detection script [duplicate]

The pandemics has incredibly increased the number of cheating cases. Do you know of any script (bash or other scripting language) for checking a bunch of Java code submissions for similarity? I know I ...
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