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Careers are tracks of studies and professional jobs people work in during their lives. Questions using this tag can ask about careers students in a computer science course can pursue.

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How can I prepare CS majors for non-programming jobs?

I teach at a 4-year liberal arts college near Silicon Valley. Our stronger grads are able to get programming jobs straight out of college. In addition to preparing them well academically, I've worked ...
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How should I advise an undergraduate who wants a career teaching CS?

I've faced this issue a few times as I've mentored undergraduate students and been unsure how to help weigh the options. A senior computer science major wants to teach CS as a career. However, they ...
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What should be included in student portfolios for CS?

Should CS students be keeping a portfolio, and if so, what should it look like? What would you, as a potential employer or college recruiter, like to see in/on a potential employee or student ...
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Which non-programming skills help make a good programmer?

What skills should we strive to foster in our students that will make them good software developers in the future? They are in our classes to learn coding skills, but what else do they need? ...
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Finishing College with Employable Skills

Last week, 4 students from another college approached me with a scenario. They have a year of college left in them. That means, they will be occupied with all sorts of final year things that may and ...
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Are there companies that allow to be free when learning and teaching?

I'm currently a trainer in a kind of "expert" domain: a web-programming backend framework. However, what I truly like is to help people regardless of their level, mostly online or at conferences. The ...
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Becoming a master from a newbie at Computer Science and Electronics [closed]

I want to learn about Computers and Electronics and presently don't hold any kind of degree in the same. My urge to learn is entirely driven by my interest and curiosity for these subjects. I will be ...
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How to answer questions about how I became interested in programming?

I teach programming to students seeking employment as programmers who know little or nothing about programming, and I was last employed as a programmer over a decade ago. Sometimes I am asked what got ...
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Is Deitel Intro to Python for Computer Science 2020 a resumed version of Deitel How to Program C, C++ and Java?

I am still not finding the right book for my career path. My first book related to programming on my university was Deitel How to Program C for Programming 1 subject, for Programming 2 we use C++ How ...
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Should I start out as a “junior developer”? [closed]

I am sorry if this is not the right place to ask this, but I would really like to know. I have finished a computer programming bootcamp and found I took to programming deeply. Some of my course mates ...
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Suggested fliers for high school career fair?

I will be tabling at a high school career fair and would like to have printed fliers about careers involving computer science. Does anyone know where I can find ones that are free (either to print or ...
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Applications of Euclidean Geometry

I have been learning euclidean geometry since a long time and learned about many theorems but I am majoring in Applied Computer Science and I don't find any use of geometry in the CS field. I realize ...
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