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The Arduino is a microcontroller often used in robotics or hobbyist projects. It has multiple ports for sensors and electronics to be attached and can also be programmed using a derivative of C. Questions using this tag should ask about using it in the classroom; questions about the workings of the Arduino should go to Arduino Stack Exchange.

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Teaching Arduino---but not just "monkey see monkey do"

I've been looking for peer instruction style questions for an intro to Arduino workshop, but I haven't found anything. Besides not seeing PI materials, it's hard to find any materials where a student ...
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What's a good initial lesson for teaching arduino?

I'm currently planning a new class at my school on prototyping with arduino (which could later morph into more pcb design). I'm stuck on my first hands on lesson. I want the students to see the ...
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Using microcontrollers in an Introductory course

Are there any advantages to using small microcontrollers (such as an Arduino, etc.) with tactile, physical I/O (such as buttons, LEDs, robotic actuators, etc.)? For instance, does it help create more ...
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