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Use this tag for questions related to teaching application development on mobile platforms. Mobile applications are commonly referred to as "apps".

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How to learn how files are connected to each other, routing,database connection in software development?

These are the things in backend that confuse me a lot. Let's take this code for example. Say I'm in server folder. I can't understand how config models ...
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Feedback: Mobile Development Course Outline

What do you think about the following course outline for the course "Mobile App Development"? I'm doing Compose, only last few lectures are reserved for XML layouts.
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Android Course: XML or Compose?

I'm teaching a course on Mobile App Development. I was thinking of ditching XML and doing Jetpack Compose for UI development. I find compose more intuitive and productive. XML has a larger market ...
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Books to use for iOS App Development

I'm exploring iOS App Development as an elective for students, and in perusing Apple's iBooks on the subject, I see two similar books: App Development with Swift and Intro to App Development with ...
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