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APCS-Principles is a specific United States secondary school course that might earn University credit. It is intended to be a rigorous college-level course in the foundations of computing. Questions appropriate for this tag should address the teaching of this course specifically.

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Cormen's "Algorithms" pre-requisites

What to recommend as a pre-requisite reading before Cormen's "Algorithms" to make this book easier to get through for 10-12th graders? Any courseware available for kids, books, courses, etc.?...
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Is CS50 AP available for new teachers for 2020-2021?

I've taught AP CSP for a few years and am interested in teaching CS50 AP, but I'm having trouble getting started. The links in the getting started guide at aren't ...
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Hardware (cameras, headsets) for TEALS supported classrooms

We have TEALS (a NGO which supports CS education in US with programs that team industry professionals with CS classrooms - both in person and remotely) distance learning support for our CS classes - ...
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AP Computer Science Principles and Unity

I have taught AP Computer Science A for years, but I have not taught AP Computer Science Principles as of yet. My understanding of the course is that it's quite flexible on terms of languages taught. ...
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Teacher Community - Using CS50 for AP

I will be teaching AP Computer Science Principals this fall for the first time. I've decided to use the CS50 curriculum. (partially due to Curriculum choice for AP Computer Science Principles) Is ...
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Criteria for admission to AP CS courses in high school

The question is simple and direct here: what objective criteria are helpful* in admitting students to AP CS courses? (By "helpful," I mean criteria that have some worth as indicator of future success ...
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App Lab/JS confusion between strings and variables

In my APCSP class (using app lab, which is javascript based), I noticed that there are many students who struggle with the difference between a string ("foo") and a ...
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What is the pedagogical value of Conway's Game of Life?

Lately I've come across Conway's Game of Life in a number of different arenas (articles, conferences, blogs, etc.). Last night I coded it up in C and was utterly mesmerized watching it. That being ...
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How do I teach about inequity in computing resources?

What activities, and with what resources, are effective for students to learn about the status and consequences of inequities in computing resources? Activities could address inequities within a ...
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Lesson ideas for introducing macros in C

Thanks to working with Racket recently, I've been spending a lot of time learning about and implementing non-trivial macros. In the process, I have been thinking about ways to apply this skill to my ...
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Is there a compilation of AP CSP scores by curriculum?

The overall distribution of scores for the first AP CSP (Computer Science Principles) exam was recently released, and I'm wondering how much is described there about students' performance when their ...
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What are effective ways to prepare students for the AP CS Principles Exam?

First offered in 2016-17 (previously in pilot), the AP CS Principles assessment includes two open-ended through-course performance tasks and a timed paper exam containing multiple choice and multiple ...
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Curriculum choice for AP Computer Science Principles

I will be student teaching an AP Computer Science Principles class next year and have run into an issue. All of the high schools around us are using the curriculum but from talking to ...
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Looking for a block-based programming language for AP CS P

This question is specific for teachers of the United States College Board's AP Computer Science Principles class. I'm looking for a block based programming language that allows for: Procedures that ...
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Homework Policy for Advanced/Honors Students

Perusing Twitter just now, I saw this tweet from the @CSTeachingTips account, and it got me thinking about the general topic of homework as it applies to our discipline: Downsize homework because, ...
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