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This tag is for questions about presenting specific algorithms or general principles of algorithmic design and analysis to students. It IS NOT for questions about writing or fixing algorithms.

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Error free solution manual for "Introduction to Algorithms" by Cormen et al. for self study or alternative method to tackle them single handed

I am a CS undergraduate student, strictly speaking I am fond of studying theoretical CS subjects, the corresponding books just attract me. Now in theoretical CS we probably have algorithm design and ...
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Accounting and potential methods in amortized analysis

I am still trying to improve the understanding of amortized analysis by students (as in a previous question). In many textbooks such as the CLRS, three methods are presented: aggregate, accounting, ...
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Divide and conquer for subset sum problem

I want my students (equivalent first-year college students) to work on algorithmic paradigms during a 2 hours practical programming session in OCaml. I chose the subset sum problem since it can ...
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How to teach linear programming and reductions?

Do you know any textbook with problems+solutions to support teaching of linear programming and reductions? In particular for: standard and slack forms, formulation of problems as linear programs, ...
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Resource for practicing algorithms without programming? (migraine sufferer)

Does there exist a resource for exercises and problems of the form "design a program with the following specifications in time/space O(f(n))"? I am aware of competitive programming websites ...
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