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This tag is for all questions related to advising students as well as for such things as recommendation letters. Advice includes that for specific classes, for choosing or changing major concentrations, employment advice and the like.

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How to approach students who submit their work which consists of frowned upon tools?

This semester my students had to submit a project. Small, yet rich in functionality console application written in C++. They had 8 weeks during which I was always available for consultations. In ...
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Can we do anything to help CS students from 3rd world under developed countries?

The situation of students in these countries is terrible. In paper, every information for CS is available in paper. And it's correct for 70% of content. Mainly the content available that is of high ...
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Advising college students about whether to take classes pass/fail

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many colleges and universities have implemented policies to allow students to take classes pass/fail this semester. Students will now be asking their advisors ...
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Best practices for letters of recommendation in CS

As a college professor, I am often asked for letters of recommendation by my CS majors. I have templates, for whether the student is applying for grad school, for an internship, for a scholarship, etc....
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