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Recommended IDE for teaching web development to beginners

I have been assisting an IT teacher who has recently started teaching computer science to year 7-9s (11-13 year-olds). This year they will just be covering basic client-side web development: HTML, CSS ...
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What can Snap! do that Scratch cannot?

I teach a short introductory unit in my course that uses Scratch to get students familiar with programming concepts before introducing the syntax of a text-based programming language. For context, we ...
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Make it easier, and quicker to get to the start

When teaching I often have pupils struggle in the first few minutes. When they are setting the computer up, ready to start work. They often have to follow lengthy instructions, that I print on paper, ...
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IDE vs Editor and terminal for CS1

I am involved in the teaching of CS1 and CS2 at the University of Oslo. We have recently transitioned from Java to Python as our introductory language. We have a strong tradition of teaching students ...
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Learning to program a Cell Phone

Somebody wants to develop applications for his cell phone in Java. He does not know programming and he does not know Java. Should he start learning Java on his cell phone or would he better off ...
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what would be a best approach to teach programming to non CS major?

I would like to design or develop program or game to teach non CS-major(engineering students) programming languages.My question is which one will be effective games or designing program? If so any ...
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Programming language for teenagers

I have been asked to give an introductory programming course for kids between 14-15 years old. Scratch seems like a good option for young children, maybe up to 12 years old. Python, is also a good ...
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Through what basic programming language can beginners easily get the concept of programming? [duplicate]

I have some students that are from medical background and have no concept of programming. So, which language I should teach to them to make their basic concept of programming perfect?
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For a beginner, is it better to start with C or a higher level language?

Some friends of mine, over the years, asked me suggestions on what to study for learning how to code. Most of them had no real final purpose, just wanted to be able to understand programming and be ...
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Use of “learnable programming” (via direct manipulation) software, in teaching

I read something on this site, that lead me to read about Bret Victor's learnable programming and direct manipulation. I was wondering if anyone has used any software like this. What software have we ...
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Introduction to programming class: use Spreadsheets to introduce fundamentals

Are there any "pros" or "cons" I have overlooked regarding using Excel as a means to introduce a range of fundamental programming concepts. This question relates to teaching a programming module at ...
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Which of the following programming languages will help me better to teach the basic concepts of CS and why? [closed]

I'm really looking for opinions from experts I have been asked to teach a group of students “How To Program”, these students are really new to programming. What I want is to make them like ...
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Using Processing as an entry point in an Introductory Course

We have two entry points for programming students here: one is web-oriented and features HTML5/CSS3/ECMA6, and the other is in a robotics environment using LabView. Both classes address the "big 5": ...
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What to consider when choosing version of Python?

I will be giving a small course on the Python programming language to a group of interns this summer. As I am sure you know, there are many different versions of the Python language. I am wondering ...