Please recommend some books/courses. My problem is this:

  • This is not the first time I am studying computer networks. I studied in CS degree.
  • I bought Kurose Ross, Fourouzan books on networking and feel like did a big mistake as they contain information which I already know of.
  • I also bought Douglas Comer Internetworking With TCP/IP and it seems good. Recommend me something more like this.
  • CCNA is too cisco centric and I looked at net+ and it looks so basic.
  • I know at this level I should be reading books specialized on DNS, SSL, SSH...etc to learn advanced concepts, but I want a refresher which is a bit challenging.
  • Books like unix network programming aren't necessary for me as I am not a systems programmer. I want helicopter view of how networking concepts will be useful for me to design a system. For example: Leaky bucket is used in api rate limiting. Like that. Something that makes things fun for me.
  • I've bought books/courses on wireshark, web security etc and I think that's helping me. So recommend something like that.
  • As a system administrator, I need to understand how networking commands work under the hood so that I can troubleshoot them. Not how they're programmed, but how they work from the view of computer networking.


These are the commands I need to know of how they work. I've already read the man pages of most of these commands. They tell stuffs from unix pov, but I want to learn the networking pov of these commands.



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