I was asked to teach Javascript to total beginners. Since it would most likely be free of charge, I would rather not spend time making my own slides and material. I would follow a book or some other existing material, draw things on whiteboard for further clarification, do simple quizzes, and focus on helping students actually code stuff.

Ideally this book or material would:

  • Cover Javascript but also HTML and CSS basics
  • Have some quizzes
  • Be interesting for beginners
  • Be more modern JS oriented
  • Also touch upon NodeJS with some command line and server development

A great resource to learn JavaScript is Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke: https://eloquentjavascript.net/.

You can download the pdf for free, or you can read it online, and this is probably a better choice since you can take advantage of the code sandbox.

It is definitely suitable for beginners but a wide range of topics is covered, included Node.js (chapter 20). However, with regards to your requests, HTML and CSS are introduced but you will probably need supplementary material about them.

  • I see that doesn't have quizzes, but I could easily do those myself based on the book content. – Ska Nov 6 at 9:29

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