I need a suggestion for books for my University. I have a subject called "Data and database modeling" but we lack of books. Our professor gave as barely understandable scripts. This is an official explanation of the subject:

Introduction of data structures used in database modeling.
The data structures include data objects, associations between objects and rules for performing operations over objects.
Modelling of databases regarding user demands.
Basic database concepts.
Configurations and commands for certain real databases.
SQL commands for working with databases.

Course goals/Competences:
Data Modeling and design of data structures suitable for optimum operation of databases.
Using the basic set of SQL commands for working with databases.

Any suggestions are welcome :D


I highly recommend Database: Principles, Programming, and Performance, by O'Neill and O'Neill. Learned from that book for my first database course and loved it.


A simple search at Amazon for "database modeling" will turn up several books. Any of their top choices would be suitable.


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