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How do I save questions or answers to look at later?

To save a question or answer, click on the Save icon on the left edge of the post, right below the voting arrows. It looks like this:

Save icon

How do I organize my Saves?

From your Saves page, you can add an item to a list and add/remove private notes. For both, look on the right edge of the saved post and click on the stacked three dots to open a small menu. From there, you can:

  • Unsave (which removes the post from your list)
  • Move to (add the post to one of your lists)
  • Add Private Note (add a note visible only to the account owner)
  • Edit Private Note (edit the private note already on a post)
  • Delete Private Note (remove the private note on a post)

How do I make a list?

You can make a new list by clicking the "+" icon to the right of "My Lists." You can also create a new list by clicking the blue "Create new list" button (upper right corner) in the All saves and For later lists.

Screenshot of the Saves tab of the user profile, showing the "All saves" page by default. The "My Lists" header on the left side of the page is circled, as is the "Create new list" button in the top right.

How do I search my saves?

You can search through your saved posts using the in:saves search operator.

Who can see my lists and notes?

Just you!

For more information about the feature, see this announcement on Meta Stack Exchange: Bookmarks have evolved into Saves