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Top new questions this week:

Resources for flowchart programming for young, new programmers?

I'm working with middle school teachers who are teaching a CS class with middle schoolers. The students have a wide range of programming skills, and for some it would be beneficial to offer them an ...

programming primary-school  
asked by Randi W 2 votes
answered by Ben I. 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do you deal with Lone Rangers in group projects?

We all have them - students who want to write all the code themselves, who don't want to be part of a group project. They have poor social skills, or they don't know anyone else in the class, or they ...

best-practice high-school project classroom-management  
asked by Java Jive 26 votes
answered by Ben I. 38 votes

Analogy for teaching recursion

When teaching recursion, what is the best analogy people use to teach the idea of recursion. There are some nice artistic representations And the idea of repeatedly cutting a phone book or ...

recursion teaching-analogy  
asked by pluke 40 votes
answered by thesecretmaster 15 votes

What are good examples that actually motivate the study of recursion?

One of the traps of imperative-first is how difficult it becomes to help students make sense of recursion when they finally encounter it. And if those kids are fairly competent iterative programmers, ...

lesson-ideas recursion  
asked by Ben I. 66 votes
answered by Syndic 101 votes

Is there some meaningful percentage of students who can't learn to program?

A few days ago, I had a high school sophomore (who is now in her third CS class, having passed the prior two) look at this Java code for a solid 3-5 minutes, and was unable to figure out what it did: <...

student-motivation struggling-students  
asked by Ben I. 110 votes
answered by Buffy 70 votes

How do I approach teaching Python to 12-year-olds as a first-time teacher?

I'm currently teaching Python, to three 12-year-olds. They have no experience at all, and my task is to introduce them to programming concepts, and to Python. I'm fairly experienced in programming, ...

lesson-ideas python introductory-lesson  
asked by kosciCZ 15 votes

A real world example for the divide and conquer method

Can someone give a real world example for the divide and conquer method? For example, I've heard the boomerang used to explain the idea of a loop back address. What is a real world example we can use ...

teaching-analogy algorithms  
asked by happy 3 votes
answered by Buffy 13 votes

What thought process would lead one to invent object-oriented programming?

A big part of understanding an idea deeply (such as a math theorem, for example) is being able to imagine a thought process which would lead one to invent or discover that idea. Michael Nielsen ...

asked by littleO 26 votes
answered by JimmyJames 13 votes
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