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Top new questions this week:

Which are common misconceptions about code execution? How to efficiently debug my student?

I may tutor a student who just started learning "school C", by which I mean that strange kind of C seen only on school books (and that in my opinion "cripples the mind", so to say, but I digress). I ...

asked by user9137 1 vote
answered by Buffy 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Explaining access levels and visibility in OOP

While teaching OOP in a high school CS major (in java), it is important (and part of the curriculum in any case) to explain "what is the meaning of this public and private?" (A question voiced by many ...

high-school teaching-analogy java object-oriented-paradigm  
asked by ItamarG3 16 votes
answered by Stephen Gilbert 31 votes

Pseudocode or Flowcharts?

For GCSE CS in the UK, students have to analyse, design, code, test and review a solution to a problem. For the design section of their project, students have to plan out the algorithm for each part ...

algorithms pseudo-code flowcharts  
asked by pddring 8 votes
answered by Gypsy Spellweaver 10 votes

Should test cases be made available to students for assessed assignments?

A number of the assignments I've completed during the course of my undergraduate degree have been assessed partially using automated tests. These have never been available to students prior to the ...

undergraduate grading homework  
asked by Adam Williams 28 votes
answered by Ellen Spertus 49 votes

How can you efficiently assess students web coding?

I've been teaching Java and C# for years and I'll be picking up a web development (HTML, CSS, JS) course in the fall semester because our department is down a faculty member and won't be filling the ...

assessment javascript html css  
asked by mpcsf 12 votes
answered by Gypsy Spellweaver 8 votes

How to prepare students for bias in industry

I teach at Mills, a women's college near Silicon Valley with a high number of students of color. We do a great job of preparing students technically -- they do very well on the job market and then in ...

asked by Ellen Spertus 31 votes
answered by Ellen Spertus 24 votes

Is it better to lie to students or to be pedantic when teaching Intro CS?

When teaching Intro CS in Java, I sometimes tell students things that are not entirely true, such as that, unlike abstract classes, interfaces cannot contain any code. (For those of you unfamiliar ...

asked by Ellen Spertus 114 votes
answered by Buffy 168 votes

Why do computer-science majors learn calculus?

I am curious why computer-science majors have to learn calculus to receive their bachelor’s degrees. My father worked as a software engineer for twenty years and never used it. It seems to have little ...

asked by LuminousNutria 55 votes
answered by Ellen Spertus 63 votes
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