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Top new questions this week:

What thought process would lead one to invent object-oriented programming?

A big part of understanding an idea deeply (such as a math theorem, for example) is being able to imagine a thought process which would lead one to invent or discover that idea. Michael Nielsen ...

asked by littleO 23 votes
answered by JimmyJames 11 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Teaching students that printf() is not the same as return

For a few years, I have been teaching a programming class to first-year electrical engineering students -- thus, this is their first contact with computer programming. The language used is C (although ...

teaching-analogy introductory-lesson  
asked by swineone 28 votes
answered by nova 31 votes

When does excessive collaboration become plagiarism?

I was reading the abstract for this research paper: Yan, L., McKeown, N., Piech, C.: Using programming assignment work patterns to understand excessive collaboration in large CS classes, in SIGCSE ...

plagiarism collaboration  
asked by Nuno Gil Fonseca 13 votes

Should teachers enforce standardization of spacing and braces?

On open source projects and industry teams, there are often detailed style guides about how many spaces should be used for indents, line continuation, etc., and whether braces should go on their own ...

asked by Ellen Spertus 23 votes
answered by Ben I. 21 votes

How do you teach Big O to high schoolers with varying degrees of math exposure?

My second semester programming curriculum includes a searching and sorting unit and mentions Big O notation, giving the notation for each search and sort we implement. It does not show the ...

curriculum-design lesson-ideas high-school  
asked by Java Jive 18 votes
answered by Buffy 24 votes

Any simple Python GUI projects for beginner/novice programming students?

I teach programming at a university, at 2 freshmen courses. My students are being introduced to programming for the first time, so we have to teach them about algorithms, variables, control flow, ...

project python  
asked by Floella 13 votes
answered by Buffy 9 votes

What are healthy, productive ways to encourage students to progress to more advanced constructs as opposed to staying with the familiar?

In my experience, there are always students who are resistant to moving to more advanced constructs. They want to stay with what they already know. For example, when they are taught arrays, they ...

curriculum-design student-motivation  
asked by Java Jive 53 votes
answered by Ben I. 54 votes

Real life examples of 0-indexing

It can be perplexing for students to begin counting at 0 when they enter a CS class. I made it a point over and over to talk about "Day 0" and "Week 0" in the opening days and weeks just to build ...

lesson-ideas arrays abstraction  
asked by Peter 37 votes
answered by Ben I. 35 votes
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