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Top new questions this week:

Software Engineer here. What's the best way to get my skills back on track for a new project?

I'm 38 yo and I have a software engineering diploma and starting in college I have built and started administrating a fairly large website. After which I took a rather long break and now I'm looking ...

self-learning programming adult-education  
asked by Catalin 2 votes

Does it make sense to write tutorial when content of the tutorial can be already learned from internet without that tutorial?

For example, does it makes sense to write tutorial called Best Intellij shortcuts. You can already find so many shortcuts online in many places. If the answer is "There is no need for new article ...

asked by Spasoje Petronijević 1 vote
answered by heather 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can we motivate students to review each other's code?

Code review is crucial to student's academic and professional lives, yet some students see code review as a burden and a new way teachers have found to "ditch some work". By experience, code review ...

high-school collaboration  
asked by Safirah 20 votes
answered by Buffy 16 votes

How do I convince my students that visual programming is real programming?

I have been considering taking a visual programming language, such as Snap!, to my high school students as a way to make some of the concepts we delve into a little more fun. The kids themselves ...

asked by Ben I. 26 votes
answered by Neal Zupancic 24 votes

Students can solve programming exercises but not explain their solutions. What to do?

I've seen too many cases when a student has completed a programming exercise (without cheating) but can't say, for example, what type of values a variable contains during program runtime (in case of ...

curriculum-design resource-request grading assessment  
asked by Aivar 50 votes
answered by ShawnMartin 21 votes

CS-oriented Ice-Breaker Games

I will have my new incoming CS freshmen (HS) for a week-long summer orientation in August. The kids don't know each other yet, so Ice Breakers are in order! Has anyone encountered fun, physical ...

asked by Ben I. 8 votes
answered by ctrl-alt-delor 13 votes

How to give assignments that require heavy computational resources?

For an undergraduate course in AI, there has been an assignment that uses deep learning on neural networks to do image classification. However, many students complained about their (university ...

project artificial-intelligence programming-environment  
asked by Discrete lizard 17 votes
answered by leftaroundabout 22 votes

Is asking students to debug existing code better than having them write new code?

Is asking students to debug code better than asking them to write code, if the goal is to give students a strong basis in creating error-free code? In my point of view, when we ask them to write a ...

asked by i-- 14 votes
answered by Ben I. 15 votes

Learning fundamental differences between functional programming and Object Oriented Programming

I've been trying to learn the differences between Functional Programming and OOP, but I can't seem to find a comparison of the two. A Google search did not yield any chart or table showing such a ...

self-learning object-oriented-paradigm functional-programming  
asked by ItamarG3 36 votes
answered by Ben I. 57 votes
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