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What would be a good analogy for IP addresses and ports?

What would be a good way to describe ports? I learned about it using this analogy, but it seems pretty inadequate to me: IP addresses are like street addresses of apartment buildings, and ports are ...

teaching-analogy networks  
user avatar asked by Ben I. Score of 14
user avatar answered by Michael0x2a Score of 9

How to stop being The Oracle

When I did customer service for an application I was developing, I found that most of the time, if I did NOT answer the phone, the user would figure out their problem and learn more than if I did ...

classroom-management labs active-learning  
user avatar asked by user3673 Score of 28
user avatar answered by Ryan Nutt Score of 32

Realistic task for teaching bit operations

I'm looking for a function or algorithm that requires extensive bit manipulation, but is not complicated in its nature and purpose, so that students remain focused on bit operations. Now I use Win32 ...

user avatar asked by PlushBeaver Score of 14
user avatar answered by jaskij Score of 3

What are healthy, productive ways to encourage students to progress to more advanced constructs as opposed to staying with the familiar?

In my experience, there are always students who are resistant to moving to more advanced constructs. They want to stay with what they already know. For example, when they are taught arrays, they ...

curriculum-design student-motivation  
user avatar asked by Java Jive Score of 53
user avatar answered by Ben I. Score of 55

Why is computer science hard?

Data pretty regularly shows that computer science programs have among the highest failure and dropout rates of any college program. A number of sources all echo the finding that roughly one-third of ...

struggling-students student-perceptions  
user avatar asked by Daniel R. Collins Score of 48
user avatar answered by Buffy Score of 56

How do I teach "math equality" vs. "CS assignment" vs. "CS equality logic operator"?

Consider the following three uses of equality: In mathematics, the statement $x = x^2$ In Python, the statement x = x**2 In Python, the expression, ...

mathematics variables  
user avatar asked by Bennett Brown Score of 27
user avatar answered by Ben I. Score of 21

How does one become great at computer science mathematics?

This question is bothering me since I started using Stack Exchange. I just want to share examples of people that made me surprised. How to prove that CRC - Cyclic Redundancy Checksum - with an ...

user avatar asked by kudmea Score of 18
user avatar answered by Victor Eijkhout Score of 24
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