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Top new questions this week:

What would be a good project for teaching big program concepts?

I'm a freelance computer science tutor with junior high and high school students (working outside of school - I give them assignments. Mostly my assignments are problems we find online, such as ...

project game-design  
asked by composerMike 4 votes
answered by guitarcat 3 votes

Student not understanding explanation the 1st, 2nd... and 8th time

I am working for a company, and a target for this year is to increase the level of CS knowledge among the staff. The company does mostly engineering stuff so the people come from an engineering ...

asked by Rares Dima 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do computer-science majors learn calculus?

I am curious why computer-science majors have to learn calculus to receive their bachelor’s degrees. My father worked as a software engineer for twenty years and never used it. It seems to have little ...

asked by LuminousNutria 56 votes
answered by Ellen Spertus 64 votes

Why did the percentage of CS bachelor's degrees going to women peak in 1984?

As shown by the following graph, the percentage of bachelor's degrees going to women in the US has increased over time in almost every major, with the dramatic exception of CS, which peaked in 1984 at ...

social-context equity  
asked by Ellen Spertus 54 votes
answered by Ben I. 46 votes

What's the benefit of prohibiting the use of techniques/language constructs that have not been taught?

I teach as a private tutor and most of my students are prohibited to use techniques and/or language constructs that they haven't been taught! There's a really broad variety of stuff that is ...

programming project homework  
asked by csabinho 20 votes
answered by thesecretmaster 36 votes

Teaching the humble for loop

So, in C-style languages, the for loop has a funny little syntax: for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++){ // do something } If ...

best-practice looping  
asked by Ben I. 37 votes
answered by candied_orange 21 votes

How to help students avoid being distracted by bells and whistles

I teach Windows Forms programming, and now ASP.Net (essentially the same thing, except you view it in a browser) and I am dismayed that students seem to spend an enormous amount of time straining at ...

labs c# gui  
asked by user4721 35 votes
answered by Kevin Workman 62 votes

IDE vs Editor and terminal for CS1

I am involved in the teaching of CS1 and CS2 at the University of Oslo. We have recently transitioned from Java to Python as our introductory language. We have a strong tradition of teaching students ...

python ide  
asked by Henrik Hillestad Løvold 23 votes
answered by Jared Smith 19 votes

Teaching binary encoding - using different symbols

I'm teaching some introduction lessons to a classroom of 6-8 year olds about basic 21st century skills. A fundamental part of this is how computers represent numbers, words and images, which all ...

asked by Roel 32 votes
answered by ncmathsadist 36 votes
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