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Teach high school computer science without a credential

I've tried googling this, but it seems tricky to find high school computer science specific advice. I am about to finish my MS in CS and I also have a BS in CS from a relatively well known school, ...

user avatar asked by Sarah Rodriguez Score of 1
user avatar answered by Ben I. Score of 0

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it better to lie to students or to be pedantic when teaching Intro CS?

When teaching Intro CS in Java, I sometimes tell students things that are not entirely true, such as that, unlike abstract classes, interfaces cannot contain any code. (For those of you unfamiliar ...

user avatar asked by Ellen Spertus Score of 124
user avatar answered by Buffy Score of 183

How to explain what code is to my parents?

I am an engineering student in computer science and recently my parents asked me to explain a bit what I do, which is their way of asking "What is coding?". They have no idea of what coding is, what ...

user avatar asked by Shashimee Score of 29
user avatar answered by auden Score of 44

How do you deal with Lone Rangers in group projects?

We all have them - students who want to write all the code themselves, who don't want to be part of a group project. They have poor social skills, or they don't know anyone else in the class, or they ...

best-practice secondary-education project classroom-management  
user avatar asked by Java Jive Score of 26
user avatar answered by Ben I. Score of 38

How does one become great at computer science mathematics?

This question is bothering me since I started using Stack Exchange. I just want to share examples of people that made me surprised. How to prove that CRC - Cyclic Redundancy Checksum - with an ...

user avatar asked by kudmea Score of 18
user avatar answered by Victor Eijkhout Score of 24

Why Computer Science students learn Digital Logic Design?

Is there any relationship between a computer science student and DLD course? I am studying for a Bachelors of Science and Engineering degree, and we are studying DLD (Digital Logic Design) in my ...

user avatar asked by Meer Faisal Ali Score of 5
user avatar answered by Buffy Score of 6

Pseudocode or Flowcharts?

For GCSE CS in the UK, students have to analyse, design, code, test and review a solution to a problem. For the design section of their project, students have to plan out the algorithm for each part ...

algorithms pseudo-code flowcharts  
user avatar asked by pddring Score of 9
user avatar answered by Gypsy Spellweaver Score of 10

Why isn't there one language to use instead of different programming languages?

One language is better. It is just better to learn one language rather than learn C++, Python, C#, etc. Just build one language that makes you build apps, websites, games, AIs, etc.

user avatar asked by search for answers Score of 7
user avatar answered by Buffy Score of 20
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